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My Story

Let me tell you a little about myself…I’m Hayley Hay. Mother to two boys — my muses — and a seasoned photographer with a long history (and love) of capturing people and stories. I have lived in the U.K. and Switzerland, am married to a Kiwi, and have bilingual babies, so you could say I revel in diversity. I think I have the best job in the world. In fact, I fell in love with photography so deeply that I left my career as a scientist to become a full-time photographer.  My love for capturing people through the lens was born with my first child. Documenting his every step became a joy (an obsession, dare I say?) and my desire for photos that opened a window into his every day playful life in an uncontrived way was what led to the style of photography I came to embrace and use today.  If you happen to catch me without my camera, I will probably be out running along the lake, exploring the depths of the forest with my family, or being, as my sisters like to say, a social butterfly. Did I mention that I think I have the best job in the world?

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” — Paul Caponigro

If a photoshoot isn’t simple, fun, and natural, the photos won’t make the cut. My primary focus is to make everyone feel at ease. Kids should play. Families should adventure. And locations should be fun! I start with a good understanding of what kind of images a client is looking for, then work back from there in terms of location, lighting, angles, time of day and much more.

My Approach

Capturing life’s beautuiful


Photography is so much more than taking a picture. It’s a look. A feeling. A connection…It’s a human moment. Whether I’m photographing newborns, families, the beauty of pregnancy, or individual headshots, I seek to capture people through my lens in a natural, documentary style that reflects the authenticity of the moment. I don’t take the privilege of being welcomed into your life lightly. In fact, I love and treasure every moment of it. Because humans are, after all, pretty wonderful things…

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